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Meditation Classes/Workshops

Self Care Session x Grounded x Food 4 Life x Oily Oms
at Grounded Lonsdale
3.30PM Sunday 24th July

-DIY essential oil roller which we we use in our guided meditation
-30 min talk food for your hormones and health with Michelle Kindstrom, Food 4 Life with Michelle
-Plant based grazing box
-30 min guided meditation with Lauren from the Nourished Folk
-Wildfire organic tea
+ Just a lovely afternoon for you!

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Bringing Mindfulness Home
at Grounded

2.30pm Sunday 10th July

We all tend to fill our days with things that just have to be done and then run around desperately trying to do them all, while in the process not really enjoying much of the doing because we are too pressed for time, too rushed, too busy, too anxious. We can feel overwhelmed by out schedules, our responsibilities, and our roles, even when everything we are doing is important, even when we have chosen to do them. We live immersed in a world of constant doing. Rarely are we in touch with who is going the doing – which is us, you.

This workshop is about finding moments of mindfulness are moments of peace and stillness, even in the midst of activity. Join me in this 2hr workshop as we learn more about mindfulness and practice mindfulness activities that can be applied in your day to day life.

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