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Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens

Help your teens navigate the ups and downs of life with this globally recognised, widely researched, mindfulness program.

Ages 11-14 at Grounded, Lonsdale
Aug 3rd – Sept 21st

Ages 14-18
at Grounded, Lonsdale
Aug 2nd – Sept 20th

Meditation Classes/Workshops

Bringing Mindfulness Home
at Grounded, Lonsdale
Sunday 10th of July at 2.30pm

Self Care Sunday
at Grounded, Lonsdale
Sunday 24th of July at 3.30pm

A Mindful Life:
28 Days of Meditation, Mindfulness & Journaling

Join me for the next round of this program starting August 29th! Zoom sessions will be held each Sunday night at 7pm, for 5 weeks.

Immerse yourself in the meaning and spirit of meditation! Get in touch with yourself, grow spiritually and learn to let go of the things that are holding you back. Each day of this 28 day program is packed full of information to help you understand more about meditation and is versatility.

Practice different methods of meditation with guidance and accountability. Find methods that work best for YOUR personal growth.

Learn how to:
– Fit meditation into your busy life.
– Find tools to help you deepen your meditation practice.
– Use meditation to help you manage stress.
– Get through your day with more JOY and excitement.
– Use mindfulness to create a love affair with life.

What you will get:
– 28 days of inspiration, direction, accountability and FUN!
– Written and recorded meditations.
– Daily emails and learning modules.
– An initial introduction session and 4 weekly coaching sessions via zoom.

This program is for you even if:
– You have never meditated before.
– You are too busy to find the time.
– You have tried meditation before and sucked at it.
– You dabble in meditation and you want to dive deeper into your practice.

1 : 1 Coaching

One on one meditation coaching to help you reach your goals. I specialise in helping people bring mindfulness home and incorporate it into their daily lives, journal for clarity, use meditation to work through pain, use meditation to support anxiety, and meditation for parents and children.

Zoom sessions also include email support, as well as work sheets and resources as required.

Book a ‘no fee’ 15 minute ‘see if we fit’ session now.

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